Shifa Farms

ML 11 Hafizwala, Tehsil Mianwali, Pakistan
"Cultivating Purity, Harvesting Prosperity."
2023-08-20 (2)
"Experience Farming, Embrace Nature."
2023-10-01 (5)
"From Seed to Stay: Dive into Agri-tourism at Shifa Farms."
2023-10-01 (4)
"Rediscover Roots: Your Organic Getaway Awaits."
"Shifa Farms: Where Every Visit Sows a Memory."
2023-10-01 (3)
"Journey from Soil to Soul: The Essence of Agri-tourism.
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At Shifa Farms, we merge tradition with innovation. Rooted in the fertile landscapes of Mianwali, we champion organic and regenerative agricultural practices. Guided by the principles of PQNK (Paedaar Qudarti Niazm E Kashtkari) by Dr. Asif Shareef, we’re redefining farming for the future.


Through organic methods and immersive experiences, we aim to nurture both the soil and the soul, promoting an ecosystem where nature and humanity thrive side by side.


To be a beacon of sustainable farming and agritourism, offering an authentic connection between the land and its patrons.


Organic Farming

Delve into a world where crops grow without chemicals and with nature’s rhythm. From wheat and cotton to pulses and peanuts, purity is our promise.

Nature knows best. Our crops, from cotton to canola, are nurtured without harmful chemicals, ensuring they’re as pure as nature intended.


Experience farm life up close. Our Bamboo House invites visitors to witness the journey of their food and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Discover the beauty of farm life at Shifa Farms. Stay in our Bamboo House, see crops grow, and reconnect with nature. It’s more than a visit; it’s a journey back to roots.

PQNK Consultancy

Elevate your farming practices with our expert consultancy on PQNK methods. Cultivate success sustainably.

Enhance your farming potential. With expert knowledge on PQNK methods, we guide farmers and enterprises on their journey to sustainable success.


Stay updated with the latest at Shifa Farms, explore insightful articles on organic farming, agritourism, and more.

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6 Acres

 Dedicated to organic farming.

100 Visitors

 Experienced our agritourism offerings.

10 Successful Consultancies

 Provided on PQNK methods.

5 Crops

Harvested annually with sustainable practices.

our team

Meet the minds and hands behind Shifa Farms. Each member, from field to office, contributes to our shared vision of sustainable farming and authentic agritourism

Haseeb A

Fully Organic Holistic agricultural solutions provider.

minha q

Organic agriculture

Ghulam m

This is the only place in our area where crops are grown without using any fertilizers or sprays.